Definitely Strawberries

I love wine.... I don't care if it has hints of passion fruit or terra firma. I've never had a passion fruit, and, as far as I know, terra firma means dirt. But I do love rush of pleasure when you taste something unexpected and extraordinary. This blog is dedicated to understanding and tracking down that feeling through weekly experiments in wine tasting and tipsiness.

"Mmm... a little citrus... maybe some strawberry, passionfruit... and, oh, there's just the faintest soupcon of like asparagus and just a flutter of a nutty Edam cheese."

"Wow. Strawberries, yeah! Definitely Strawberries. Not the cheese..."

An Introduction: Definitely Strawberries. Not the cheese...

Miles: “Mmm... a little citrus... maybe some strawberry, passionfruit... and, oh, there's just like the faintest soupçon of like asparagus and just a flutter of a, like a, nutty Edam cheese...”

Jack: “Wow. Strawberries, yeah! Definitely Strawberries. Not the cheese...”

It seems right that I'm writing my first post a bottle and half in hanging out on a Saturday night with my wife.   I love just about everything about wine - the history, the tasting, and the getting tipsy before bed on worknights.  I even love the occasional hangover when I give myself a free pass the next day to eat greasy food and lay around watching football and 80s movies all day.

The double edge sword when it comes to wine is that it is so complex.  There is science, art, and business behind each bottle.  It can take decades to become an expert and years to even understand what the guy behind the tasting bar is even talking about.  Since wine is often intimidating and researching French grape varietals and old world regions on wikipedia just isn't as fun as drinking it, I decided to dedicate a blog to experimenting and identifying what makes wine great. This blog is about "hands on" experience. Learning by doing.

Each week we will conduct a different experiment in wine drinking. There as many opinions about wine as politics, and this blog seeks to expose what makes a difference in wine drinking and what is a pure pretentious waste of money. Varietals, regions, fancy glasses, decanting, and food pairing are all explored weekly.

This blog is also about education.

I am a novice.  My love for wine is not not matched by my knowledge, and, as I educate myself, I hope to pass that knowledge onto you.  If you’ve ever gone wine tasting, you may have realized how difficult it is to be even begin to learn about wine making and appreciation. We hope that this will be a good place to start.

Your Hosts,
 Katrina and Steve Mulligan

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